Terns and Dowwitchers Feeding at Ormond Beach

Photos courtesy Alan Sanders

Fuller's Report — Special Birds
Seen At Ormond Beach:

Northern Fulmar, California Condor (reported seen feeding on a seal carcass), Snowy Plovers, Semipalmated Plovers, Virginia Rail, Peregrine Falcon, White Ibis, Egrets, Great Blue Heron, Black Rail, Western Grebe, Surf Scoters, Black Phoebe, Loggerhead Shrike, Belted Kingfisher, two Black Crowned Herons (seen arguing with each other), Red Tailed Hawks

KCLU News Ormond Beach Story,
Oct. 13, 2005
[mp3 audio file - 6 min.]

Editorial: Good times for Ormond Beach

Baby Bird with Penny

Since the founding of our nation, the area now containing the State of California has lost 91% of its wetlands. Here in Oxnard we personally experience the harm done with our "years of the spiders, the flies and the gnats" — Some bird species that normally visit us skipped those years, or were driven away from overcrowding by other species.

As we continue to overpopulate our state, it is imperative that we restore what wetlands we can. If we fail, we do so at our children's and their children's peril.

These pages try to explain and to prove that assertion.

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